At Woodforest National Bank we are committed to providing you the best banking services and tools available to assist you in making better financial decisions. We are excited to offer you the following articles to help you understand the banking industry and how your finances are handled.

The Importance of Saving

There are many things to consider when saving for the future. The most fundamental factors are to save early and save more. No one can control interest rates or accurately predict what will happen in the stock market. The two things you can control are when you start and how much you save. Read more...

An Easy Way to Save for Any Reason

Having more money is better than having less money. You may be thinking of a vacation, a new car, an addition to your house, your retirement or just the peace of mind that comes with having a larger balance in your savings account. There is no easier way to save than with an automatic savings plan. Read more...

Automatic Savings Programs

Automatic saving programs generally come in two forms – either your employer deducts a certain amount from each paycheck and deposits it into a specific account or your financial institution moves a certain amount from your checking account into a savings account on a regular basis. Read more...

Sooner Rather Than Later

Most believe it would be wise to save more every month for retirement, funding college expenses or some other financial goal. We also know that putting off starting to do that is easy. Read more...

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